Development Assistance

Developing Strategy
Hospitality businesses like every other business require a clear strategy in order to achieve the anticipated results and meet the set targets. We can help you define almost any aspect of your hotel strategy and assist in the design and implementation of almost all aspects of a hotel business plan.

Developing Product
Due to the highly competitive nature of the industry and the cost involved in realizing the actual business unit and revenue centres, it is important to carefully design the product.
Hotel Solutions, due to a creative but pragmatic process can carry out interior design and build contracts, using innovative but functional interior designs and the right specification of all the hardware.

Developing Human Capital
The immediate influence that the human resources have on the performance of the business requires an efficient selection and training process. All stakeholders of the business require full understanding of the performance expectations, culture and identity of the company they work for.
We offer selection and recruitment assistance as well as programs that develop competencies through knowledge and appreciation of best practices.